Recurring Donation

Recurring Donations

You can change your donation amounts at any time before the donation is processed. The last change made in any month will be applicable retroactively for all donations made in that month. You can choose to stop your donation anytime by pressing the "Stop Future Donations" link. Equally you can choose to reactivate your donations whenever you wish.

As from the date you register, we count the total number of Mastercard purchase transactions you make each month. After the end of each month, we calculate your monthly donation amount by multiplying the number of purchase transactions you have made by the micro-donation amount you have set in the ‘Manage Donations’ page. It is the micro-donation amount that is valid at that moment that determines the amount of your donation.

You will see one donation per month and this will be visible around the first or second day of the month for the activity of the previous month. If the donation amount is below $1.00, we will carry your donations over until the minimum amount of $1.00 is reached. Of course, the monthly donation will never exceed the maximum monthly donation amount you have set in the ‘Manage Donations’ page.

The donation will appear on your card statement as one separate transaction, and display the charity as the merchant of record.

*For the purpose of the Mastercard Donation Platform, only transactions that are processed through the Mastercard network will be included in the calculation of your monthly donation. An example of a transaction that does not run through would be where the charity’s bank for this transaction and your card issuing bank are the same.