WOMEN:girls programmes are anchored in practical objectives that involve empowering our beneficiaries by inspiring them to become role models to their peers and community, exposing them to informed options to help them in their personal lives and careers, while matching them with the resources they need to realise their potential.

Ikal Mayang was launched in 2013 as a storytelling movement under the theme “Telling Women Stories”. It aimed to start conversations around social issues using the medium of short films. Over 60 short films were made in the past five years under the Ikal Mayang banner by directors of different ages and genders and from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The programme also include skill-building and filmmaking workshops with at-risk youths and members of the urban poor community and is usually held in conjunction with International Women’s Day each year.

#AkuNakUbah is an on-ground activation programme built around the concept of a ‘role model school invasion’. As part of this programme, WOMEN:girls brings role models with unique insights, including theatre practitioners and food entrepreneurs, to public schools to introduce experiences and practices that are not found in the education syllabus. The aim of #AkuNakUbah is to help build students’ self-esteem and expose them to a wide range of opportunities they can explore.

Young Changemakers is a nationwide programme that was launched to recognise the works and contributions of young people in Malaysia that help bring change to their community and environment. It also aims to spur more young people to make a positive impact through community-level social projects. Young Changemakers also features school outreach programmes like workshops and culminates in a nationwide search for young people to award the Tuanku Bainun Young Changemakers Award to. 

Kejar Kerja is an apprenticeship programme designed for working-age girls without a tertiary education and matches them with established mentors in the creative industry. The programme includes engaging the potential apprentices in practical workshops to build skills to improve their employability such as communication skills, financial management and their self-confidence. 

Ibu Nakhoda Hidup is a programme to aid entrepreneurial mothers by providing them with support in form of equipment and machinery, training, business opportunities as well as mentorship with business leaders.

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