The Malaysian Council of Child Welfare was registered in 1984 with the Registrar of Societies and has tax exemption status for donations received. It is an umbrella organization of NGOs working with children and representing the voices of children. Its prime objective is to advocate policies and programs to uplift the health, welfare, protection and total development of children in Malaysia.

Our main focus is on providing a better quality of life for children most in need i.e. orphans, street and stateless children, children with disabilities, children who are abused, neglected and exploited as well as the poor and marginalised. Based on the prime objective of The Malaysian Council of Child Welfare in caring for these children most in need, the majority of the 31 organizations affiliated with the Malaysian Council of Child Welfare run homes and shelters to provide care and support for these children and their families

In order to encourage the development of life and social skills, programs are organised to encourage the participation of children through various activities. These include school tuition classes, children's forums, creative short story writing, life skills workshops, motivational camps, supporting families and children in crisis situations as well as counselling sessions, etc. In addition, the Malaysian Council of Child Welfare also organises capacity building workshops, seminars and conferences on current issues and concerns affecting children.

The Executive Council comprises the President, 2 Vice-Presidents, an honorary secretary, assistant secretary, honorary treasurer, assistant treasurer, 7 exco members and 4 ex officio members from the relevant government agencies

The accounts are verified by 2 internal auditors and a certified external auditing company.

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