Make a Wish

Most of us have the time and resources to make our wishes come true. But for a child with life- threatening medical condition, their focus and energy is channeled into battling their illnesses. These children spend more time in the hospital than in school, and are separated from their family for extended periods of time while they undergo treatments. Needless to say, their wishes, hopes and dreams are put on the back burner.

At Make-A-Wish Malaysia, we strongly believe in the life-changing Power of a Wish. A wish is not merely something nice to have, but a wondrous journey of anticipation and empowerment. A wish awakens the imagination, builds excitement and encourages the child to dream, providing laughter and fun. The powerful wish experience creates amazing memories that continue to inspire confidence and strength long after the wish has been granted, enabling the child to better cope with fear and pain associated with their fight.

As a self-supported non-governmental organization, we rely on fundraisers and donations from corporations and individuals to enable us to continue our mission. Up to June 2017, Make-A-Wish Malaysia has granted over 360 wishes to children from different parts of our country. Support Make-A-Wish Malaysia, and make these life-changing experiences a reality. You start the chain reaction of Hope, Strength and Transformation — one that inspires a child, a family and everyone around them.


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