Food Aid Foundation

As a ‘Food Bank’, we rescue ‘HALAL’ edible but surplus food and groceries from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. This includes products that are out of specification, close to expiry, incorrectly labeled, have damaged packaging, are discontinued promotional products as well as excess stock and customer returns. If the surplus food is not rescued, much of this food would simply go to landfill.

With our expertise and well developed comprehensive food handling system we ensure quality in the entire distribution & consumption chain while also reducing food wastage by consistently channeling food to the needy. There are many pockets of unused food within the food industry that can most certainly be put to and benefit the needy.

Types of Food We Collect

  • Volumes on Non-perishable Halal Food
    Generally dried, canned, pre-packed food from manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and all willing donors.
  • Uncooked Raw Food
    From importers, wholesalers, markets and companies with food service operations; from here we process these in our central kitchen for distribution.
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