Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik

Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik

Regular Donation

Health and Nutrition

In Indonesia, one baby dies every seven minutes due to preventable and treatable causes. That's why we are committed to providing robust health and nutrition programs to ensure they grow up healthy. YSTC works to improve the health and nutrition of mothers, newborn babies and children, with special attention to poor and vulnerable communities.

Child Protection

YSTC commits to protect children from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. Our programs focus on the most vulnerable children while aiming for the safety and well-being of all children. Working with governments, international organizations, and local community partners, we strive to create lasting change with improvements in policy and services that protect children whether in a natural disaster, or development setting.


Children are more likely to be healthy and educated when their families are not worried about where the next meal will come from. To prevent children from going hungry and to improve their well-being, nutritious food must be available to families, and families must have the means to buy it. To help parents provide for their children's basic needs, YSTC Livelihoods programs focus on improving the farming practices and finances of families in need. We also give youth the skills to succeed by teaching them how to save and manage money, and providing training to get a job and/or build a business.

Child Education

Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life. Yet many children in need do not get a quality education where they can learn and develop. To advance learning, YSTC supports education programs for children in the school, family, and communities. In school, we train teachers to engage their students through more effective teaching practices. In family, we coach parents and caregivers to help their children learn early on, so they are prepared to enter school. While in community, we offer ways for parents and community volunteers to get kids reading and doing math outside of school hours.

Emergency Response

No one knows when the next earthquake, flood, or tsunami will strike. But we do know children are severely affected by natural disasters. That's why YSTC is prepared to help protect vulnerable boys and girls during disasters and their aftermath. Besides providing disaster relief and emergency response, we have also pioneered child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction to prevent and ease the suffering of children in the aftermath.

One-Time Donation

Reading for Better Life

YSTC has worked on basic education programs in North Jakarta since 2013. YSTC engage the Education Department and stakeholders at the district level to improve the quality of education through good practice of school-based management, community participation and student active learning. YSTC has also developed a school model that has been implemented in six schools in Cilincing, North Jakarta. Various best practices have already replicated in several non-assisted school in North Jakarta.

Through this intervention, there is a focus on the contribution related to the quality of education improvement which is well executed by the school committee. Creating a good learning environment, supporting school library activities, and holding parenting session are some examples of these activities. The goal of this project is to raise awareness and the participation of the school community through school committee empowerment to support the quality of education especially related to Literacy Boost for the last 3 months.

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