Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa

Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa

Rumah Belajar

Young Indonesians are often forced out of education for various reasons: lacking   sufficient financial resources, having to care for family members, or being influenced by negative external pressure or circumstance.

The forefront of YCAB Foundation's educational program, multiple Rumah Belajar (Learning Centers), provides an affordable, safe and nurturing space for underprivileged youths to study or continue their education at just Rp 10,000 per month (approx. 1 USD).

Providing not only basic education teaching Mathematics, English, Computer Technology, Geography and Science, but also market-based specialized training in sewing, hair and beauty, electronics and as well as batik making, students at Rumah Belajar become equipped for not only undertaking job opportunities but to become self-reliant youths.

Lives Changed for the Better

“Education can bring us everywhere. Through Rumah Belajar, I got a chance to learn Ballet after I became semifinalist of Quark Science Competition.” – Finlan (Class PA-1, Rumah Belajar YCAB - Duri Kepa)

“Wandering into Jakarta to find a course that teaches English, and finally I found Rumah Belajar Duri Kepa. I was able to continue my High School studies and I was also able to take English and Information Technology courses. For only a fee of Rp 10.000/per month, it was a full package! Hopefully YCAB can continue empowering Indonesian youths to become self-reliant! – Saeful Alimi (Rumah Belajar YCAB Alumni, now an IT Staff and student of Esa Unggul University, Jakarta)

“…They are helping those in need and at the same time giving people chances to give back to the community- Purwanto (Rumah Belajar YCAB Alumni, worked as street jeans repairman, now coordinator at Rumah Batik Pekalongan)

For more information, visit us at www.ycabfoundation.org!

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