Wadah Foundation

The Wadah Foundation

Wadah Foundation empowers impoverished and underprivileged levels of the society. It supports Indonesian women and their communities by offering them opportunities to manage their lives beyond family survival, and lifting them out of the spiral of illiteracy and poverty.
Wadah focuses on three main sectors: education, health, and community economic development.


In achieving Wadah’s vision and mission, Wadah has chosen education as its portal of entry to school-age children. Wadah believes that education is their path towards a brighter future, as it is a legacy that can never be take away from them, by anyone.

To date, Wadah supports 55 communities spread over 8 provinces of Indonesia such as DKI Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, Bali, NTT, Maluku, North Maluku and Papua. Wadah supports 39 preschools and tutorial programs in each of the 55 communities.

As a facilitator, Wadah provides 3 kinds of supports namely: emotional, facility, and opportunity.

Wadah provides transportation allowances to school teachers, scholarships for deserving students who come from a poor family, capacity-building programs for teachers through training, allows them to attend and finish higher education (bachelor’s degree), and completion of elementary, junior and senior high school through alternative learning system. Wadah also provides school facilities and educational infrastructure, learning and educational tools, and all types of books related to their education needs.

Aside from the above, children and youths also take part in various arts and culture programs allowing them to hone their talents and skills, and become more creative in life.

To date, about 36,186 preschool, school children, and youths from Wadah communities in Indonesia have benefitted from its education programs and activities.


Wadah believes that, a healthy mind and body keeps one fit and ready to face any task ahead. As the saying goes, health is wealth hence, Wadah provides the following health programs to the community we support:

1. Supplementary Feeding for:

•  Preschool children/Play group

•  Posyandu/Posbindu (community health center) with target beneficiaries: Toddlers (0 months to 5 years old), pregnant women and the elderly

2. Health Services:

•  Advocacy for people to get access to health services

•  Medical examination

•  Blood donation

•  Health Counseling: in order to build human quality awareness, such as the dangers of drugs, reproductive health, environmental health

3. Support Facilities / Health Equipment and the Development of Maternal and Child Health Clinics.

4. Health Training to increase the skillsets of tutors, PAUD teachers and the community

There are 23,849 children below 5 years old, school children, youths and senior citizens who have enjoyed the benefits of the health programs provided by Wadah Foundation.

Community Economic Development:

Community economic development programs undertaken by Wadah Foundation serve as an indicator in determining our success in empowering communities.
Being a facilitator, Wadah’s programs aim to strengthen a family’s economic capability and stability to make them self-sufficient and economically independent. We are implementing these economy strengthening programs in all of our 55 communities in 8 provinces of Indonesia.
Wadah facilitates various skills training programs covering areas such as: transportation, agriculture, cattle farming, aquaponic, traditional weaving, and solar electrification. Wadah also facilitates the conduct of training on entrepreneurship, skills training for weavers, and tailoring as a home business.
Wadah not only provides training but also coaching and mentoring in each of our programs to ensure the success and impact to the community. Such programs are aligned with Wadah’s vision, mission and objective in nation-building and providing dignity to every citizen.
From the abovementioned programs, around 5,299 people have benefitted from various Wadah community economic development programs.

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